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RABADA! offers all the professions of film music :  composition, production, supervision and clearance. Their integration under a single brand makes your life easier.


RABADA!‘s talents have a solid experience of music and image and an artistic universe of their own.

From auteur films to blockbusters, series or animated films, you will find the right artist for you.


RABADA! is based in Wallonia, in the south of Belgium. Its service costs are eligible for the Tax-Shelter and the Wallimage regional fund.

The cast

Michel Duprez, composer

Walloon composer, Michel is currently finishing the music for the second season of Unit 42 (RTBF – NETFLIX), with Thierry Plas.

He will be featured in Thierry Michel’s upcoming feature film L’école de l’impossible, and co-wrote with Sylvain Goldberg the music for Les jagues de Toto, a 52-episode animated series that will initially be broadcast on M6.

Winner of the best film music for UltravoKal, eclectic, self-taught, Michel claims a poetic, tragicomic, but direct music.

Michel is also co-founder of RABADA!

Kris Dane, composer

Present in the Belgian musical landscape for more than 20 years, Kris Dane is a singer/songwriter anchored in a poetic and narrative universe.
Kris composes for film, dance and theatre.  He has notably provided the soundtracks for the feature films Drift by Benny Vandendriessche (nominated for best music at the Ensor 2014), Elle ne pleure pas, elle chante by Philippe de Pierpont, and Lovemeatender by Manu Coeman.
In addition to the six albums he releases under his own name, he regularly collaborates with musicians from different genres, whether rock, jazz, classical or contemporary music.

Gwenaël Grisi, composer

At RABADA!, Gwen is a composer but also the artistic director of symphonic productions.

A young Walloon prodigy of contemporary music, in close collaboration with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of Liege, Gwen is a virtuoso composer. In addition, he wears other hats in musical creation teams, including roles as orchestrators, assistants, consultants and booth readers, ranging from films for cinema (Asterix, Minuscule 2…), to television series (Call The Midwife, Demain Nous appartient…) and short films (Adorables, The Illegal…).

He will soon be featured in the scoring of Un jour mon jour viendra, Vanessa Verstappen’s first film, produced by Nicolas George for Les films du Carré.

Hugo Lippens, composer

Hugo comes to us from Lausanne, Switzerland, where he obtained a master’s degree in film history and aesthetics. He has since settled in Brussels.

Nominated for the “Best Young European Composer” award at the World Sountrack Awards, Hugo composes for cinema, but also for theatre, video games and, in the broad sense, for new technologies.

He composed the music for Pierre Debusschere’s UNcovered, and the feature film Where is Rocky II ?, directed by Pierre Bismuth (Oscar-winning for the screenplay of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind).

He will soon be on ARTE for Show, Pauline Amelin’s first court.

Perrine Vanderhaeghen, producer

Perrine is the co-founder of RABADA!

In addition to creating Lumières for the show, Perrine has, among other things, directed the executive productions of Our Patriots (music by Fabian Römer) and Eva (music by Bruno Coulais).

A dynamic and creative entrepreneur, Perrine is the cement of Rabada.

She will soon be seen in the credits of the much-awaited Notre-Dame du Nil, since she managed the clearance of pre-existing music on behalf of co-producer BELGA FILMS.

Fabrice Alleman, artistic director

Saxophonist, composer, producer, Fabrice is artistic director at RABADA! for the executive productions Jazz and Big Band.

After the jazz section of the Brussels Conservatory, he completed a decisive internship at the Manhattan School of Music in New York with Phil Woods (US). He has recorded on fifty albums and has played with Terence Blanchard (US), Randy Brecker (US), Hiram Bullock (US), Reggie Washington (US), Bobby Sparks (US), Philip Catherine, Sheller, Adamo, Safy Boutella, Brussels jazz Orchestra, etc.

Producer of his own projects for 21 years, he has recently been entrusted with the artistic direction of film recordings, while he is doing the same job for the San Severino Big Band tour.

A highly sensitive musician, producer and composer, his experience and humanism are at the heart of all his projects and collaborations.

Picture :  (c) Jacky Lepage

Simon Vanneste, assistant

Simon is the Swiss Army knife of RABADA! Music editor, arranger, assistant, additional composer, nothing escapes him.

Born into a family of musicians, he started playing the cello at the age of 5 and learned to play the piano on his own. Passionate about composition, improvisation and relationship to the image, he entered the Royal Conservatory of Mons at the age of sixteen as a “Young Talent”, which allowed him to follow courses in interactive music composition with Denis Pousseur and Jean-Luc Fafchamps (Magritte de la meilleure musique originale for Insyriated)

Simon also works for advertising, theatre and collaborates on various albums as an arranger and artistic director.

He edited the music of H.A.N., Hommes Animaux Nature, produced by Agent Double and broadcast on RTBF this summer. In the same function, we will also see it very quickly in the credits of the RTBF Unit 42 series produced by LeftField Venture.


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